Bulgarian rose oil

Organic Bulgarian rose oil directly from the Bulgarian rose valley in Kazanlak

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Precious yields of rose oil can be found nowhere else, but in Bulgaria and Turkey.

If you ask rose manufacturers which rose oil is better – Bulgarian or Turkish, they say that the perfumery and cosmetics industries have adopt their recipes, according the rose oil origin. But there is no doubt that the rose oil, gathered from Rose valley in Kazanlak,Bulgaria is the best.

The oily rose – Rosa damascena is the source of best bugarian rose oil. The extraction of rose oil is very complicated process, due to the fact that every single operation as planting, hoeing, pruning, gathering, is made manually. Gathered flower is immediately put into distillation, the result from which is the rose water – Aqua rosae. The next step is exuding the water from the oil – this is how the rose oil is extracted. 1 kilo of rose oil is extracted from 3000-4000 kilos of rose yields.

Bulgarian rose oil is one of the most expensive and best seller essential oils in International market. In medicines Bulgarian rose oil is used in treatment of chronic cholecystitis, biliary tract disease, and bronchial asthma.